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What is Thursday Flipping in FIFA Ultimate Team? How Can Thursday Flipping Make me FUT Coins? How Can I Use Division Rivals rewards to make FIFA Coins?


The release of Division Rivals rewards provides a great opportunity to make FUT coins every Thursday. The supply of players increases for a small window as everyone opens their rewards.

People often want quick sales as they need coins to start building or improving their team for the weekend league. This means that you can get great deals on valuable players as people list them up very cheap.

Players values recover quickly as the supply fades and everyone is buying to get ready for FUT Champs Finals. If you pick up the right cards for a good deal you can make 1000s of FIFA coins in just a few hours. You can use this Ultimate Team trading method every week throughout the FIFA game cycle!

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Make a list of up to 5 players you are going to focus buy.


You need to pick players you can afford. They also need to be packed frequently and good enough for people want them in their team. Lower rated special cards are a great option.


2. When rewards drop, search the market for good deals.

You need to know the normal value of the players you’re buying and try to pick them up for a big discount. You could do this both open bid and BIN listings.


3. Hold the players you picked up for a few hours.


The demand for most players will recover in a few hours. Keep track of their lowest BIN.


4. Sell your players on as the whole market rises due to the influx of FUT coins.

As people build their weekend league teams the supply of players disappears, meaning prices go up.


5. Repeat each week.

This is a Ultimate Team trading method that you can repeat every Thursday. You can scale up the value of the players you flip as you build your coin balance.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Panic selling.

If your players don’t rise immediately, be patient and hold onto them. You never know when EA will drop something that increases their value.

- Buying the wrong players.

If there is not much demand for the player before the rewards drop, their won’t be much demand after. Try and identify players in your price range that people will want to use in-game.


- Focusing on one player.

The key to limiting risk is being diverse with the players you pick up.

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