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What is Mass Bidding in FUT? How does the Mass Bidding Ultimate Team trading method work? Can I use Mass Bidding to make FUT coins?


This FUT trading method follows the same basic steps as ‘Below BIN Bidding’, but instead of a group of players you focus on mass bidding on a single player.


The player that you’re mass bidding on should be in demand for some reason. This could be due to limited time SBCs or the chemistry links they have to new special players.

Regularly released SBCs sets like Marquee Matchups are great for mass bidding. They provide an opportunity to use it every week, as they increase demand for certain players.

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Soccer Stadium

Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


Vasquez’s price is inflated to 1400 coins because Real Madrid are in Marquee Matchups. Buying him for 950 coins means a profit of 380 coins per item. 


1. Identify a player needed for a limited time SBC.

Players can be in high demand because of their rating, nation, league or a combination of all of three. Check new SBCs for requirements that could increase the value of certain types of players.


2. Find the current lowest BIN for that player, then determine the target price you want to buy them for.

Once you’ve found your player, use the market to find their current lowest BIN. Use this to set the price you’re willing to bid.

3. Bid on all the open bid listings of that player.

The key to success with mass bidding is persistence. Just bid on every open bid listing for your target price.

4. Once your Transfer Targets are full, list the players you’ve won.

Once your targets are full, list all the players you win for just below the current lowest BIN. This will guarantee a fast sale and free up more FIFA coins so you can keep trading.

5. Repeat the process.

The longer you spend mass bidding, the more items you’ll win. The more items you win, the more FIFA coins you’ll make.

- Bidding over your target price.

Don’t get drawn into bidding wars. If you’re missing out on every player you’re bidding on, then try and identify a different target.

- Focusing on one player for too long.

We recommend cycling through a few different players every 10 minutes or so. This gives you a higher chance at winning players on bid. The more you win, the more FUT coins you can make.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


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