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Who runs FTM?

Nobody special. Just ordinary FUT players. We’ve been playing ultimate team since it launched and have picked up some knowledge along the way. We’ve followed the major members of the FUT community, seen trends come and go and actually used all the methods that are featured on the site.

How do you know these methods work?

Through personal experience and being a part of the online FUT community.

Do these methods guarantee me more coins?

NO! But we do our best to keep the guides updated and make sure they give you the best chance to build that coin balance. Remember the site is a guide. We cannot be held responsible if you go FUT bankrupt.


How often are the methods updated/new ones added?


As often as needed! We will announce when we make changes/add new methods over on twitter.

Are you affiliated with EA/Content Creators?


Absolutely not! Any recommendations/opinions/advice we give comes because we truly believe it will help you.


Can I contact FTM?


Follow us on twitter or instagram @FutMethods and drop us a DM. You can also make any business enquiries by sending an e-mail to

Start Making FUT Coins!

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