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What is POTM Investing in FIFA Ultimate Team? Can I Use Player of the Month SBCs to Make FIFA Coins? What Are the Best POTM SBC investments in FUT?


There's new POTM SBCs each month. All of them are great opportunities to invest in players and make huge profits. The key is working out the winner as early as possible. Then recognising the most likely SBC requirements for that player.

The majority of FUT players don’t have millions of coins to invest in an untradeable card. So, the POTM SBC needs to be affordable enough that lots of players can complete it. Determining the most likely requirements has got a lot harder as EA have tried to make it more difficult for traders to generate FUT coins.

A couple of good investments are low priced TOTWs in the POTMs league and lower value cards that link to the POTM winner. Past clubs and clubs the winner scored against are often part of POTM SBCs. Knowing when to sell is the key to maximising profit with POTM investing. We recommend selling before the SBC drops. EA seem committed to changing up SBC requirements to make sure investors don’t make coins.

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Soccer Stadium

Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


The Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC sent the value of highly rated Manchester United players through the roof. De Gea went from around 30k to over 50k. 

1. Determine who is likely to be win POTM as early as possible.

The nominees for most leagues are released about a week before the award is given out. This narrows down the possible winners to 5 or 6. Keep an eye on the IRL leagues and you can always work out the likely winner. Many twitter FUT traders and websites accurately predict the POTM results, so use those if you’re unsure. The earlier you decide which player is going to win, the earlier you can invest. buying before the hype is key to making the most FIFA coins possible with this method.

2. Determine likely SBC requirements.

Use past POTM SBCs to work out what’s likely to require. We’ve seen SBC squads based on:


- The POTMs league.

- The POTMs nation.

- The POTMs past clubs.

- The clubs the POTM played/scored against that month.

- The POTMs past special versions.

3. Buy players that meet the likely requirements as early as possible.

Buying early is key. A lot of players will be investing in the same players you want to pick up. The earlier you buy, the cheaper your POTM SBC investments will be. We recommend picking up discard value players from the POTMs old clubs and the clubs that the POTM played against that month.

4. Decide between selling before the drop or waiting to see if your investments are required.

We recommend selling before the SBC drops. EA seem dedicated to making it as hard as possible for investors to make coins. They will often switch up requirements on the POTM SBCs because they know a lot of players will be trying to make FUT coins. If your investments are lower value, you could risk holding them to try and make a bigger profit.

5. If you hold your player until after the SBC is released and your cards are not required, don’t panic sell.

If EA do manage to trick you into investing into something that isn’t required. DO NOT panic sell! Hold those players because the FIFA Ultimate Team market will be flooded with people trying to get rid of them. Use our mini crash method to make some coins back while this happens. Remember the FUT market is always fluctuating and prices will recover eventually.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Late investing.

Most players are already inflated a couple of days before a POTM SBC drops. If you miss the window and players are already too high. just move on and remember to get in early for next month.

- Panic selling.

If your players don’t meet the requirements and you don’t desperately need the coins, hold them. You never know when EA will drop something that will increase their value again.

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