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What is Out of Packs Gold Player Investing in FIFA Ultimate Team? Can I Make FUT Coins When Players Go Out of Packs? Which Out of Pack Gold Players Should I Pick Up?


The value of a player is determined by 2 factors. The supply of the player from packs and the demand for that player. When players aren’t in packs the supply goes away and if the demand stays consistent their price will go up. When a META gold player goes out of packs there is an opportunity to make FIFA coins.

This happens almost every time EA drop a TOTW/Promo team. People want those META players in their teams for the weekend league. If you can pick them up just before they go out of packs, you’ll be able to sell them for a big profit later in the same week.

This is especially effective trading method early in a FIFA game cycle. The pool of META players that people can chose from is very small. Meaning the players that are can get very expensive.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


The lowest BIN of Walker's gold version rose from around 9k to over 13k after it had been out of packs for just a few days!

1. Check each TOTW or Promo squad to see if they contain any players that have a popular META gold item.

TOTWs are announced through EAs twitter every Wednesday at 15:00 GMT. Promo squads drop in the same place at 18:00 GMT when a new promo starts. Focus on players from bigger leagues and nations that are good enough to make it into people’s FUT Champs squads. Do this as quickly as possible, so you can pick up the players before there price starts to rise!

2. Check their price and make sure there is enough room for it to rise.

You can use Futbin to make sure that the price of the players you identified are not already inflated. Speed is key here.

3. Buy the gold versions of the META players as quickly as possible.

The earlier you buy, the better price you will get your players for. As time passes they will become rarer on the market as their supply has gone away.

4. Sell the META FUT players Thursdays when people are building their teams.

The sweet spot to make the most FUT coins is Thursday. People are building their teams for the upcoming FUT champs weekend league. Forcing demand for META players up, without the supply to match it. If you’re making a profit before Thursday and want to take your FIFA coins just sell and move on!

5. Re-Invest the FUT coins you make whenever TOTW or Promo squad drops and includes a META player.

You can repeat this FIFA Ultimate Team trading method every time a new TOTW or Promo team drops. You just need to identify the right META gold players to invest in. This will get easier each time you invest.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- 88+ rated players.

The price of these players is already so high that they are unlikely to rise enough to make them a worthwhile FUT investment.

- Over investing.

Don’t spend all your FIFA coins on one type of investment! One of the keys to making a lot of coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is to stay diversified!

- Late investing.

Buy before the hype! Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other FUT player. Avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, so prices will already be inflated!

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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