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What is Price Fixing in FIFA Ultimate Team? How Does Price Fixing Work in FUT? Can Price Fixing make me FIFA coins?


The first thing we should say about price fixing is that it won’t make you any friends in the FUT trading community. The second is that you will need an extremely high budget. The basic principle is to buy every listing of a certain player so you can control their value.

You need a player that is in high demand but low supply for this to FIFA trading method to work. Older TOTWs and rare MOTMs are a good starting point. It’s impossible to do with most players as it’s expensive to clear the market of them completely.

For price fixing to be an effective FIFA trading method, you need the budget to keep the market clear of other listings. Making sure that your players are the only option available to buyers.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


MOTM items are an obvious place to start because they are so rare on the market. As you learn how to price fix and your budget increases you can start using higher value players.

1. Identify a player that’s in high demand with low supply.

Rare MOTMs, older TOTWs and the original versions of transferred players are all good bets when price fixing.

2. Make sure you have a budget big enough to clear the market.

You must be sure that you have the budget to not only clear the market, but also buy players listed by anyone who undercuts your price.


3. Set your BIN price.

You need to set a BIN price that will make you a profit but is not so high that your players don’t sell.


4. Pick up all the players listed with a lower BIN.

Remember to keep an eye on the market and pick up any players listed with a lower BIN than yours.


5. List your players.


This FUT trading method is going to take a large amount of FIFA coins, so if you’re making good profit on each player then sell quickly and move on.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Players with an obvious alternative.

Make sure you check that the players you pick up don’t have an obvious alternative. This trading method makes FIFA coins because the players you’re price fixing are in demand. If there are comparable players for cheaper, buyers will gravitate towards those instead.


- Players with a massive amount of supply.

This applies to pretty much any gold player. They’re packed so often that you are never going to be able to clear them from the FUT market.

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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