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What is Tech Avion in FIFA Ultimate Team? How does the Tech Avion FUT Trading Method Work? How Do I Use the Tech Avion Method to Make Coins?


This method is based around adding the best possible consumables to a player and attempting to sell them at a price above their true market value. The method is very effective because of the number of lazy buyers that play FUT.

This FIFA trading method gets its name from the French YouTuber that first popularised it. You need to consider the price of the consumables and the player before deciding whether this method will work.


It can clog your transfer list, but it can also generate thousands of coins with each player you sell. The higher your budget, the more valuable the players you can apply the ‘Tech Avion’ method to.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


We picked up this OTW Wan-Bissaka for a good price and he already had a decent chemistry style. It only cost 600 coins to boost him up to 99 Contracts and Fitness. Meaning we were able to sell him on for a nice profit!

1. Identify a player within your budget, that's in high demand.

The size of your budget will dictate the players you can use the Tech Avion method on. The players you decide to use should be in high demand. Think lower rated META gold players or newly released special players.

2. Use the transfer market to find that players lowest BIN price and pick them up.

This will give you a baseline to work from. You should be on the lookout for players listed with good chemistry styles and/or 99 contracts and fitness. The lower the price you pay for a player the more you can make when selling them on.

3. Apply 99 fitness, 99 contracts and a good chemistry style to your players for the cheapest price possible.

It's essential that the players you list have 99 fitness and contracts. You also want to think about adding a good chemistry style to the player. This will attract the lazy buyers on the FUT market. You should try to do this for as cheap as possible. Use the consumables you already have in your club. Having a club full of managers helps as they provide a boost to fitness and contracts consumables.

4. Work out how much you’ve spent in total.

You need to know how much you've spent, so you can list your players at a realistic and profitable price.

5. List your cards at 15 to 20% higher than their lowest market BIN.

Patience is the key to using this method successfully. Listing your cards at the right price means you will make a profit while not having a major clog on your transfer list.

6. Keep listing your players.

There are plenty of lazy buyers on the FUT market, so don't get frustrated if your players don't sell the first time you list them. Have another look at your listing price. If you think it's realistic just re-list them. Patience is the key to making this method work.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Applying the wrong consumables.

To attract lazy buyers the consumables you're applying need to be ones that FUT players would want on that player. You need to make sure the value of the consumables you're applying aren’t more than the profit you'll make when you sell the player.

- Not consistently re-listing your players.

Re-listing your players as much as possible will increase your chances of attracting a lazy buyer.

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