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What is META Special Card Trading in FUT? How can I use High Rated TOTWs to Make FIFA Coins? Are META Special Players a Good Investment in Ultimate Team?


People want to use the most META players in FIFA. That’s just a fact! Early in the FIFA game cycle there’s not many META options for people’s squads. Meaning players that are, always have a high value.

The price of these META special players only increases when they go out of packs. Investing in them is a great way to make coins. META players are not always the highest rated, they are the cards from the popular leagues with a combination of stats that make them amazing in game.


That combination of stats can change for each position and can be affected by any gameplay changes in each patch. Identifying and holding these players early in the game can give your FUT coin balance a massive boost.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


This TOTW Moments Walker and  TOTW Martial are great examples of players that went up in value after going out of packs.  The Martial ST item went up by 45k after just two weeks because he’s very META and from the EPL.

1. Identify any META cards in new TOTW/special team releases.

You must understand the META in FUT before knowing which players match it best. Use your own FIFA gameplay experience paired with social media discussion to identify what the META is. Remember it’s not just about the players stats.


Things like skill moves, height and even links can make a player META. The key is to understand what the easiest way to win in FIFA is and identifying the players that help you do this most effectively.

2. Pick up the players while they’re still in packs.

Buying the players at their point will maximise the amount of profit you make. Take advantage of when the market is flooded with these players after rewards or the lull on a Monday and Tuesday when special player prices are at their lowest.

3. Store the players and wait a few weeks.

All you need to do is wait. Once these players are out of packs their supply disappears, but the demand for META players remains as people build and improve their FUT squads. This means their prices only go one way and that’s up!

4. Sell when you’re making profit!

Set a price you want to sell for when you buy, but always keep an eye on the prices of the players you invested in. Sell when you’re making a profit and move on to the next FUT trading opportunity.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Holding players for too long.

While you’re waiting for prices to rise, your missing out on the opportunity to make more FIFA coins with other trading methods. Set a price and take your profit.

- Using this FIFA trading method later in the game cycle.

You can use this method later in the game, but the profits will be smaller and players harder to identify. As the game cycle progresses there are more and more players released that fit the META.

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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