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How can I use the Single Player FUT Draft to make coins in Ultimate Team? Is the Single Player Draft a Profitable Trading Method?


This FIFA trading method uses the single player FUT draft to generate coins. The single player draft costs 15000 coins. If you exit in the first round, you’ll receive reward packs that contain mostly silver players. These players will almost always have some value, as they are usually rare on the FUT market. Their value could be even higher if they’re required in an SBC.

It’s highly likely that just selling the silver players will be enough to make a profit on the 15000 FUT coins you invested. This is an alternative way to make coins from the FUT draft if you are not good enough at gameplay to use the traditional FUT DRAFT method.


There are two things you must do to be successful using this FUT trading method. The first is to keep repeating it. You might not make a profit on each entry, but you will make an overall profit if you grind this method multiple times. The second is to check the value of every player in the packs. The more players you sell the easier it will be to make a profit.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


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This set of rewards only produced a small profit of 850 coins. However the more you use the method, the more likely you are to pull expensive silver players or chemistry styles.

1. Make a note of your FUT coin balance before you start grinding this trading method.

You need to know how many coins you started with, so you know how much profit you’re making.

2. Enter the Single Player draft.

Complete the draft. If you want to speed up the process you can use autofill.

3. Start the first game and quit straight after kick-off.

Just start the first game, kick off then quit the game.

4. Open the FUT Draft reward packs.

You should receive packs that will give you plenty of silver players. A premium silver players pack is especially good.

5. Check the value of every item and list the ones that sell.

Use the ‘Compare Price’ function to check the price of each item. You must do this with EVERY item. Plenty of silvers have a good value because they rare. If they meet the requirements of an SBC, they will be even more expensive.

6. Store any items that are discard value.


Most silvers will sell. If there’s one or two that don’t, simply store them in your FUT club. At some point during the year they will be valuable!


7. Repeat the process.

Grinding is key with this method. The more FUT drafts you do the higher chance you have of packing valuable players.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Stoping after 1 or 2 FUT drafts.

You might not make a profit on each draft, but if you grind this FIFA trading method multiple times you will make coins. Don’t give up after one bad set of pack rewards.

- Using this method when there’s no demand for silver cards.

If there’s no SBCs requiring silver players then we’d recommend using another trading method.

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