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What is SBC Fodder in FIFA Ultimate Team? How can I use it to make coins in FUT? Is it an effective investing method for FIFA?


This method is a perfect FIFA coin balance builder for the Ultimate Team trader with a few 100k! It’s like the lower budget ‘Club Stocking’ method. As the game cycle progresses SBCs will require higher rated players, meaning the value of 85+ rated gold players goes up.

If you’ve got the FUT coins and these cards are low in value, you should be picking them up. They will be required soon, meaning their price will shoot up. Depending on nation and position you can make up to 20k a player.

This method works with players rated from 85 right up to 90. The best ones to invest in are non-META players for Ultimate Team. You will be able to pick these up for a lower price as they are not being used in-game by many people.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


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The requirements of this Mid Icon SBC sent the value of high rating players through the roof. Players like Eriksen went from around 25k to over 40k.

1. Understanding what’s a good price.

The key to maximising profit with this FUT trading method is knowing when to buy. Good resources to use are FUTBIN’s price graphs for players. You should invest when there are no active SBCs that require the cards. The down times between promos are a great time to pick up high rated players.

2. Buying the right players.

Make sure you diversify the players you pick up! The more varied the players you have the less risk you are taking with you FUT coins. Don’t risk picking up 100 of one player, only to have EA drop an SBC with different requirements than anticipated.


Players from the top 9 nations or the big 5 leagues are the best investments. Identifying the right players is the difference between 5000 and 15000 FUT coins profit.

3. Knowing when to sell.

Set a price you want to sell for and stick to it. A usual trend with these players is that they shoot up when a popular SBC is released. The market could then get flooded making prices drop (another good opportunity to make FUT coins.) Prices then recover as more people complete the SBC.

4. Re-Invest when you can.

This trading method is repeatable, meaning it can make you FUT coins all year. It’s what makes this FIFA Ultimate Team trading method such a good one!


Just make sure you keep checking the prices of 82, 83 and 84s in between promos and SBCs. You never want to miss an opportunity to make FIFA coins.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Buying Goalkeepers.

Most popular SBCs have at least a 50 chemistry requirement, meaning that GK cards rarely rise in price. We recommend focusing on picking up outfield players as you have a better chance of making more FIFA coins


- Over investing.

Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment! One of the keys to being a great FIFA Ultimate Team trader is to stay diversified!


- Late investing.


Buy before the hype! Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other FUT player. You want to avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, inflating the prices of players.

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