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What is Sunday Bidding in FIFA Ultimate Team? How Can I Use Squad Battles Rewards to Make FIFA Coins? Which FUT Players Should I Be Sunday Bidding on?


Sunday bidding is a great way for FIFA traders to make coins early in the game cycle. This trading method takes advantage of the increased supply of players listed on the FUT market after the release of Squad Battle rewards.

SB rewards are released on Sunday at 09:00 GMT. Most people will be opening them as soon as they can and listing whatever they pack. SB players tend to be the more casual with less concern about the value of the players they’re listing.


Meaning a lot of those players will be listed on open bid with no minimum BIN. You can pick up players that had a BIN between 2.5k to 7k before rewards for great value.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Make a list of gold players that have lowest BINs consistently in the 2.5k to 7k range.

It’s best to make this list a few days before and monitor it to make sure the value of the players you bid on will recover.

2. Wait for an hour after Squad Battle rewards have been released.

It’s key to wait an hour as this is when the open bid listings start to end. The sweet spot is between 1 and 3 hours after squad battles rewards drop.

3. Pick up as many of your identified players as possible.

Remember to pick up the players on open bid at prices that mean you can make a solid profit when their value recovers.

4. Wait until Monday afternoon for prices to rise again.

Unlike other FIFA investment methods, you should see a return very quickly. As soon as the squad battle rewards are done player prices tend to shoot back up.

5. List the players and watch your FUT coin balance grow.

Once player prices have recovered, list yours up and enjoy your FIFA coins!

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Using this trading method later in the game cycle.

This tends to only work easy in the game cycle as low rated goals have a value. Once the game has been out a few months, the market in general drops. The value of low rated gold players is very low.


- Focusing on one player.

The key to limiting risk is being diverse with the players you pick up.

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