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How Can I Make FIFA Coins Using Ones To Watch Players? What is OTW trading in FUT? Which OTW players should I invest in?


Trading with ‘Ones To Watch’ players is a fun way to use real life football to make coins in FUT! OTW players are upgraded in accordance with their IRL performances.


Every time a player gets a performance based special version their OTW version is upgraded to match it.

This means that these OTWs go up and down in value each week, providing a continuous opportunity to make FIFA coins. The key to maximising profit with this Ultimate Team trading method is knowing when to buy and when to sell.

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Soccer Stadium

Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


These objectives inflated the price of CSL and French players! You could use mass biddingsniping filters or below BIN bidding to take advantage.

1. Check the new objectives every day at 18:00 GMT.

Daily objectives drop every day and weekly objectives drop every Friday, both at 18:00 GMT. Most of the time they will include one or two objectives that cause certain items to rise.

2. Complete them for the rewards.

Completing the objectives is often the best way to make coins. Check and see if the reward or XP you can earn are worth your time. (Make sure the packs you get contain tradeable rewards.)

3. Identify if objectives are causing demand for a certain type of item.

Is there an objective that means you need a player from a certain team, league or nation in order to complete?


These cards will be more in demand meaning their prices will only go one way. Earlier in the year we saw an objective that required players to switch stadiums. All stadiums immediately rose from worthless to 350 coins each.

4. Search your club for the in-demand items or use them with another trading method to generate coins.

Check your club for items that are inflated in value. Once they’re sold you can use one of our other trading methods with those items. It’s best to do this as near to the new drop of objectives as possible as that initial hype is the best time to sell.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Small profit objectives.

If you spend any FIFA coins to complete an objective, make sure you don’t cut your profit margins too small. Always remember EA will charge you a 5% tax on any items you sell.

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