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How can I use the FUT Draft to Make FIFA coins in Ultimate team? Is the FUT Draft a Profitable Trading Method?


The FUT draft is an underrated way for good FIFA players to make FUT coins. The key to making it a profitable coin generating method is winning it as often as possible.

The FUT draft costs 15000 coins to enter and winning will often give you 4 or 5 times that value in pack rewards. Nepenthez’s ‘DRAFT TO GLORY’ YouTube series is an amazing example of how many coins you can make grinding the FUT draft.

Using the FUT draft to supplement the other ways you make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is a great way to mix trading and gameplay. You also get the chance to use high-end players most of us will never have in our FUT squad.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


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The further you get in each draft the better packs you get! Making it to the final consistently is essential to make grinding the draft profitable long term.

1. Play the draft. Try and get to at least the final.

Doing well every time you enter is the key. The further you get in the draft the more likely you are to make those 15000 coins back and see a profit.

2. Open the packs at the best time.

Make sure your opening your packs at the perfect time. Is there a promo coming? Then wait. Packing one of those new special players could make you hundreds of thousands of coins.

3. Sell everything you pack.

Make sure you sell everything you pack! Check those consumables and non-rare gold players because they can be worth a lot more than you’d think! Selling as many of the items you get as possible, means making a profit is easier.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Opening packs straight away.

Remember to check if there's a new promo around the corner. If you don’t need the coins you have invested back straight away, then hold the your packs you get until a new promo drops. (Check EA’s TWITTER at 18:00 GMT.)

- Entering if you’re not a good FIFA player.

This method is not for everybody! If you can’t make it to the final of the draft on a very constant basis, we’d recommend you stay away from this method.

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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