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How can I use New Pack SBCs to Make FIFA coins in Ultimate team? What is Market Flooding in FUT?


Everyone loves a good Pack SBC, especially when the rewards are tradable. You can use the release of new pack SBCs to boost your FUT coin balance. When a pack SBC drops the supply of players is boosted dramatically, but this only lasts for a short period of time.

Most FUT players will complete this type of SBC and the players they pack will flood onto the FUT market. Unlike when Promo Packs drop, supply levels return to normal quickly. If you time your purchases correctly, you can make a ton of coins.

Targeting the right players is the key to maximising your profit. Think META players or players needed to complete SBCs. This type of player will recover most quickly from the inflated supply, as their demand will stay consistent.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Check for new FUT live content. Especially during promos!

EA drops new content at 18:00 GMT most days. Check the SBC section to see if any new pack reward SBCs have dropped.

2. Assess the SBC.

Check out the price of the SBC and the pack reward. Will most FUT players be completing the SBC? If the answer is yes, then there will be some degree of market flooding.

3. Identify the type of player that might be flooding onto the market.

The type of pack the SBC gives as a reward will affect the players that get flooded on to the market. If the pack includes silver players, you should check the value of expensive silvers needed for SBCs. If the pack gives more gold players, focus on lower rated META players.

4. Buy your target players for the lowest price possible.

Try sniping and bidding on your target players to get them for the lowest price possible.

5. Hold and wait for the spike in supply to disappear.

If you picked up the right players their prices should recover quickly as the spike in supply is not prolonged.

6. Sell your players on for a profit once their prices recover.

Sell your players and count your FUT coins.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Picking up non-META players.

The reason this method works is that the supply of in demand players suddenly increases. If there’s no demand for a player in the first place their price will remain low.

- Over Investing.

Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment. One of the keys to be a good FIFA Ultimate Team trader is staying diversified.

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