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How Can Discard Value Special Players Make Me FIFA Ultimate Team Coins? How Does Discard Value TOTW Investing Work in FUT ? Are TOTW players a good investment?


This method is like ‘Club Stocking’ and ‘SBC Fodder’ investing. You should be looking at using this FIFA Ultimate Team trading method once you have around 200k. You can make a massive amount of FUT coins if you buy the right players, for the right price.

You need to buy special players that are as close to discard value as possible. It’s very common for SBCs to require special players. When that happens the value of those special player will shoot up and anyone that has them will make thousands of FIFA coins.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


Tait is in the current TOTW and his price is very close to discard value. Lafont is a great example of a similar player that was discard value when he was in packs, but his value has risen as he has become rarer on the FUT market.

1. Understanding what’s a good price.

The key to maximising profit with any FIFA Ultimate Team investment is knowing when to buy. You should invest when there are no SBCs out that require special players. The down times between promos are a great time to pick up special players.

2. Buying the right players.

Make sure you stay diversified! The more varied the players you have the less risk you are taking. Don’t risk picking up 100 of the same player, to have EA drop an SBC with different requirements than anticipated.

The special players you pick up should be as close to discard price as possible. This means that if you can just discard the special player you have and get your coins back.

3. Knowing when to sell.

Set a price you want to sell for and stick to it. A usual trend with these special players is that they shoot up when an SBC is released, people then flood the market making prices drop (another good opportunity to make coins.) Prices will then recover as more people do the SBC.

4. Re-Invest when you can.

This is a rinse and repeat FIFA Ultimate Team trading method that can make you coins all year. Make sure you keep checking the prices in between promos and SBCs. You never want to miss an opportunity to make coins with discard value special cards.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Over investing.

Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment! One of the keys to being a great FIFA Ultimate Team trader is to stay diversified!

- Late investing.

Buy before the hype! Make sure you’re not buying at the same time as every other FUT player. You want to avoid buying in the days leading up to a big promo. Everyone will be doing the same, inflating the prices of players.

- Panic selling FUT investments.

If your players don’t increase in value, don’t discard them straight away. Hold your players until you really need your FUT coins. You don’t know how long the panic will last. Prices will almost always recover in the long term.

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