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What is the Bronze Pack Method in FIFA Ultimate Team? How can it help me make FIFA coins? How does this Ultimate Team trading method work?


The BPM is an easy way for anyone to start building their FUT coin balance. The principle behind it is to open bronze packs and make a profit from the items you get.

You're paying 750 coins for 12 items, so you only need to sell 4 of them to make a profit. You might think that bronze items have no value, but their rarity and certain SBC requirements mean a lot of them can go for surprisingly high prices.

You can make a limitless amount of FUT coins using the BPM. Bronze packs will be in the FUT store all year and you can open as many as you like.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


This bronze pack contains a Napoli player needed for the Serie A league SBC! He sold for 5500 coins, that's a profit of 4850 coins on this bronze pack alone.

1. Open a bronze pack.

The first step is simple, go to the store and open a bronze pack.

2. Use the compare price function to check the value of each item and list any that sell.

You have to check the value of every item you pack. No matter the league, nation or position make sure you check the value of bronze players. They’re often so rare that even ones not required in SBCs can sell. You only need to make 750 coins to get back what you invested.

3. Store players that don’t sell.

Don’t quick sell any players, just store them in your club. They may become valuable in the future or you can also use them in the upgrade SBCs to generate silver players.

4. Store the consumables to use later.

Another advantage of the BPM is that your club gets stacked full of consumables. (Tip: Use the WEB APP when applying these bronze consumables, it’s much faster!) Eliminating the need to spend coins on consumables or a second team. This also means you can sell any gold consumables you pack! 


5. Repeat the process.

Bronze packs will always be in the store and we're always getting New SBCs. Meaning the BPM can generate FUT coins through the full FIFA game cycle.


6. Keep track of prices of bronze players.

If you use the BPM a lot, you’ll have a large number of bronze players and items in your club. Make sure you keep an eye on any market moves that could increase their value. 

- Clogging up your transfer list.

The biggest issue with the BPM is filling up your transfer list with items that take a while to sell. Knowing when to keep listing, store or quick sell an item becomes easier the more you use the BPM.

- Don't get lazy.

Make sure you check the price of every player. Even the lowest rated bronzes can have some value. If you’re getting tired of checking prices, then use a different trading method.

FIFA Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


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