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What is Below BIN Bidding in FUT? How can it help me make FIFA coins? How does this Ultimate Team trading method work?


This FUT trading method is perhaps the simplest way to start building your coin balance. The basic process is to buy players on open bid and list them below their current lowest BIN price.

You'll make a small profit on each player, which means this FIFA trading method is most effective on a mass scale. It’s perfect for FUT traders working with a smaller budget. You can target players in your price range and invest as much you can afford.

It’s particularly effective when the FUT market is flooded with players being listed on open bid. This is caused by a rise in the amount of packs being opened. A new promo release or rewards drop can cause this. Picking the right targets and staying persistent are the keys to consistently making coins with this FUT trading method.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


an example of the 'Below BIN Bidding' FIFA Ultimate Team trading method.
an example of the 'Below BIN Bidding' FIFA Ultimate Team trading method.
Adan’s current lowest BIN is 1800 coins. Picking him up on open bid for 1200 coins means we can make a profit of 510 coins per item!

1. Find players with a lowest BIN between 1.5k and 10k.

Players in this price range are the best targets. They’re cheap enough that you should be able to pick up multiple items. Winning as many items as possible is the key. Our favourite website to find players to bid on is FUTBIN!

2. Make a list of your target players and their lowest BIN prices.

You need a list of the players you’re targeting and the price you’re going to pay. We recommend a list of 8 to 10 players.

3. Bid at least 1.5k below your target players lowest BIN on all open bids.


This means you have enough room to make about 1k on each player after EA tax. You can bid lower than this if you want to try and make more coins on each player. This will raise the potential for people to outbid you.

4. Cycle through the players until transfer targets are full.

The most efficient way to use this trading method is to bid on players until your ‘Transfer Targets’ fills up. Then clear the players you didn’t win and list the ones you did.


5. List the players you win just below their lowest BIN price.

Your players will be lowest priced on the FUT market and sell first. Quick sales give you more coins to bid on players.


6. Repeat the process.

As mentioned above the key to this method is to buy and sell as many players as possible. The process means you can make coins for as long as you want grind.


Make sure to regularly check the lowest BIN of your target players. If it changes it'll affect how much you should be paying for each player.

FIFA Trading Mistakes to Avoid.

- Players that fluctuate heavily.

Players that fluctuate a lot are a big risk when using this method. Check FUTBIN's price graphs to see if a players BIN is inflated before you bid. You don’t want to win 50 of a player, just to find out that their lowest BIN has fallen while you were bidding.


- Small Profit Margins.

Make sure the price you're paying per player leaves enough room for you to make a profit. Remember, EA takes their 5%. Do not get drawn into bidding wars! If a player goes over your target price just move on to the next one.

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