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How can Consumable items make me coins in FIFA Ultimate Team? How many FUT coins can I make?


Consumables are some of the most volatile items in FUT. Their value fluctuates throughout a FIFA game cycle. Giving you multiple opportunities to make coins. The main thing that drives prices of FUT consumables down is packs being opened during promos/rewards.

Prices of consumables can increase when everyone’s building their weekend league squads or when a big player SBC is released.


People need consumable items to convert the player to the perfect position and give them an overpowered chemistry style. The key to making FIFA 20 coins with this method is simple, buy low and sell high!

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


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Regularly listing the consumable items you don’t use can help build your coin balance. Understanding the true value of specific consumables means you will know when is a good time to buy or sell them.

1. Identifying when consumables are undervalued.

Everyone uses consumables, meaning most FUT players have a basic knowledge when consumables are low. Buying consumables is a judgement call.


An upside of consumable trading is that you can store an unlimited amount of them in your club and keep your transfer list free.

2. Understand which consumable items have potential to rise and why.

Is the weekend league coming up? Is there a player SBC coming that could need a position change? Are there new promo players coming that need chemistry style pace boosts? All these factors can make consumables go from 500 to 5000 coins!

3. Sell when prices rise.

If you’re making a good profit on a consumable item, then take it! Don’t hang on to see if you can get the extra 200 FIFA coins an item. Sell and move on to the next FIFA Ultimate Team trading method.

4. Repeat the process to continue making FUT coins.

Whenever the market is in a slower period make sure to check the price of consumables. There’s always potential profit to be made.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Over investing in one type of consumable.

Being a diverse investor is key to trading in FUT successfully. Don’t put all your coins in consumables and miss other opportunities to make coins. If you have spare coins then consumables are always a safe investment.


However you should always consider if you’re sacrificing the opportunity to make coins with a different FIFA Ultimate Team trading method!

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