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What is the Silver Pack Method in FIFA Ultimate Team? How can the SPM make me  coins? Should I open silver packs in FUT?


The SPM is like the lower risk BPM but can make you a lot more FUT coins if done properly. All you need to do is open the cheapest silver packs available and sell the contents. The SPM isn’t always a profitable FIFA trading method, but when the value of silver cards is inflated it can generate thousands of coins in very little time.

The key is knowing when to use the SPM. Is there an SBC that needs silver players? Is there a season objective that requires silver players? If the answer is yes, then using the SPM is a great way to boost your FIFA coin balance.


The rarity of silver cards means some have a high value even without demand being boosted by an SBC or objective.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


The squad fitness item and coin boost almost covered the whole cost of the pack on their own. Meaning when the players and consumables sell we’ll make a healthy profit on this silver pack!

1. Identify that the value of silver players is inflated.


Is there an SBC that needs silver players? Is there an objective that requires silver players? These two factors can cause the price of silver players to skyrocket. Making the SPM a very profitable trading method.


2. Open silver packs.

The first step is very simple, go to the store and open a 2500 coin silver pack.


3. Use the ‘Compare Price’ function to check the value of each card and list any that sell.

You must check the value of every card you pack using the ‘Compare Price’ function in game. Whatever league, whatever nation. Make sure you check the value. Silver FUT players are often so rare that even ones not required in SBCs have a value. This is even more important with this trading method than the BPM, as you’re risking more FUT coins.

4. Store the silver players that don’t sell.

Make sure you don’t quick sell any players. Store them in your club. They may become valuable in the future or you can use them in the upgrade SBCs to generate non-rare gold players.

5. Sell the consumables.

This is a slight difference to the BPM. Silver consumables often have a good value and selling them will boost your profit from each pack.

6. Repeat the process.

The 2500 coin silver packs will always be on the store. New SBCs will always be released. Whenever silver players are inflated the SPM will generate a good amount of FIFA coins.

7. Monitor the value of silver players.


If you use the SPM, you’ll end up with many silver players in your club. Make sure you keep an eye on any market moves that could increase their value. Sell them while their prices are high.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Using the SPM at the wrong time.

Unlike the BPM, the SPM isn’t always profitable. It’s key to identify that the SPM could be profitable before risking your FUT coins.

- Don't get lazy.

Make sure you check the value of every item. Even the lowest rated silver players can have a value. If you’re getting tired of checking prices, then use a different FIFA trading method.

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