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What is Overnight Flipping in FIFA Ultimate Team? How Can Overnight Flipping Make Me FUT Coins? 


The FUT market is just like the real economy. The value of items is controlled by supply and demand. Meaning you can make coins by buying when the supply outweighs demand and then selling when demand increases.

The perfect time to do this is during the night in Europe. There's more FUT players in Europe than anywhere else, so demand for FUT items drops when they're sleeping. This drives prices down as people try to sell their items.

You need to focus on META players. They're going to recover the most when demand increases again. This trading method is especially effective early in the FIFA game cycle as the number of people playing is at its highest.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Identify META players with few alternatives that are in your price range.

The players you pick up need to be META. They're the ones that will be in demand when people wake up.

2. Study their price patterns.

This FUT trading method requires some market knowledge. You can use FUTBINs price graphs to monitor the fluctuations of the whole FUT market and the price of your target players.

3. Pick up your target players when their price is at its lowest.

The FUT market generally tends to be at its lowest between 02:00 and 07:00 GMT. The cheaper you buy players for, the more coins you’ll make when you sell them.

4. Wait for the demand from EU players and sell your players on for a profit.

The market is most active between 15:00 and 23:00 GMT. This is the time you should look to sell your player to try and maximise the coins you make.

5. Repeat the process.

You can repeat this everyday and make FIFA coins. You need to keep an eye on the value of the players you're flipping and the overall state of the FUT market.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Investing without proper research.

This is a FIFA trading method that takes some basic knowledge of market trends. You need to know the best time to both buy and sell your target players.

- Targeting non-META players.

This method works because there's a fluctuation in demand for certain players. If there’s no demand for a player their value will be low, regardless of the time of day.

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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