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How can I make coins in FIFA Ultimate team during EA access? How can I trade during FUT Early Access? What are the best FIFA Early Access investments?


Early access is your first big opportunity to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team every year! The market is very low because not many people are on the game. This means almost any item invest you FUT coins into will shoot up in value when the full game is released.


To maximise your profit, you need to identify the FUT items which are going to rise the most. Consumables are a great starter point because time people can spend in game is limited! Meaning very few players are using consumables and their value is low.

Low rated META golds from the big 5 leagues are also a good FUT Investment option. Everyone will be trying to buy them once the game fully launches.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Open your welcome back packs as soon as possible.

The quicker you open those packs, the quicker you can start trading on the new FIFA.

2. Use your access time to generate coins.

Play Games. Complete any easy SBCs. Do anything that you can to maximise your FUT coin balance during that access time.

3. Use other methods like the BPM on the web app.

Make sure you don’t waste your access time doing anything you can do on the web app. Most of our lower budget FIFA Ultimate Team methods can be done using the web app.


4. Re-invest your FUT coins in items with a high potential to rise.

We recommend picking up low rated META players, squad fitness cards and chemistry styles like hunter.


5. Wait for a few days after full release and cash in!

Set a price you want and sell when items reach that price. The first weekend league will cause chemistry styles and fitness items to increase.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Kits, Badges, Staff.

These items are always low in value.

- Holding cards for too long.

If you’re making a profit, sell those items. You can then use those FUT coins with another Ultimate Team trading method.

Similar FUT Trading Methods

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