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How Can I Make FIFA Coins Using Ones To Watch Players? What is OTW trading in FUT? Which OTW players should I invest in?


Trading with ‘Ones To Watch’ players is a fun way to use real life football to make coins in FUT! OTW players are upgraded in accordance with their IRL performances.


Every time a player gets a performance based special version their OTW version is upgraded to match it.

This means OTWs go up and down in value each week. Providing a continuous opportunity to make FIFA coins. The key to maximising profit with this Ultimate Team trading method is knowing when to buy and when to sell.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


Once you've mastered the art of buying and selling OTWs at the right time, you can start trading with the higher value OTW players.

1. Identify META OTW players from good leagues.

The META OTW players are the ones tom focus on. If they're from a good league that's a bonus. The player has to be good enough to get into peoples FUT squads if they get upgraded.

2. Keep track of their price.

You need to buy when hype is at its lowest. This is normally just after the OTW has played in a match, but not well enough to get an upgrade.

3. Buy OTWs when the players hit the lowest value each week.

The cheaper you pick up the OTWs for, the more FUT coins you can make when you sell them.

4. Check the IRL starting 11s of the clubs your players play for and check if they’re starting.

Make sure you check the IRL starting 11s of the teams your OTWs play for. They’re normally announced an hour before kick-off of the game.

5. Sell before they play if you’re making a profit.

If the OTW player is in the starting 11 their value will shoot up. You can sell for instant profit.


6. If you held your OTWs and they do something in the game, sell them as hype builds around a possible upgrade.

If you held your OTWs and a player does something good in the game i.e. a goal, assist or unexpected clean sheet. Their value will increase and you can sell for even more profit.

7. If your OTWs don’t rise, just hold on to them.

Never panic sell any FIFA investment! There's opportunity for these players to shoot up in value every time their team plays.

8. Keep an eye on the OTWs you identified and keep track of their team’s IRL fixtures.


You can repeat this process every week to make more FUT coins. You will learn which OTWs are best to trade with and what’s a good price for each one.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Holding until an OTW upgrade is confirmed.

You may think it'd be best to hold OTWs until the TOTW is confirmed. However, everyone does that in hopes of massive returns. So the market gets flooded with OTWs and their value can actually dip.


- Highly rated OTW players.

The price of these players means it’s not worth the risk of investing.


- Over investing.

Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment.

- Panic selling an OTW.

Never panic sell any FUT investment! There's opportunity for these players to shoot up in value every time their team plays in real life.

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