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What is League SBC Player Bidding in FUT? Which League SBC Players will make me the most FIFA coins? How can I use League SBCs to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team?


Repeatable league SBCs create demand for certain types of players. You can use this demand to make FUT coins all year!

The principle is similar to the ‘Below BIN Bidding’ method, but with different steps. Silver and Bronze players from the big leagues can go for crazy prices.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


Bronze and Silver Players from the big leagues are the most profitable players to bid on! Picking them up on bid for lower than their true value and selling them on for a profit is an easy way to generate a lot of coins.

1. Pick a league SBC to focus on.

By focusing on one league you will keep the number of players your bidding on manageable. We recommend picking one of the bigger leagues.

2. Find the lowest BIN of Bronze and Silvers from that league.

You need to know the current market value of the players you'll be bidding on. You can do this on the FUT market on console or using the web app.

3. Search for Bronze and Silvers for the league being listed on open bid.​

With the 2ay EA have set up League SBCs on FUT 22, Bronze and Silvers are going to be where you can make a profit.

4. If the bidding price is more than 1.5k below the lowest BIN then bid on the player.

You can of course bid lower if you think you’ll win the player, but it leaves others the opportunity to outbid you.


Bidding 1.5k below the lowest BIN means you'll have a decent chance win the player and leaves you enough room to make a profit. If you want to adjust this you can, but make sure you regularly check the lowest market BIN fro the players you're bidding on.

5. List up the players you win below the current lowest BIN on the market.

We recommend that you list up players just below their current lowest BIN. This means your players will sell quickly, giving you more FIFA coins to keep bidding!

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Small profit margins.

It can be hard to keep track while bidding on multiple players, but don’t cut your profit margins too small. Remember EA will charge you a 5% tax on any cards you sell.

- Getting into bidding wars.

It’s frustrating when you miss out on a player by 200 coins or less, but make sure you’re not drawn into a bidding war. If you keep missing out on players try a different league.

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