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What is League SBC Grinding in FUT? How Does the League SBC grind work in FUT? Can I use League SBCs to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team?


This FIFA trading method is very simple. Complete league SBCs. Sell the valuable items you pack. Then use the players left over to complete more league SBCs! The key is using the rewards from packs to continue the grind of League SBC building.

The more SBCs you complete, the higher chance you have of packing valuable items. This method is very effective later in game cycle as the hype around higher end league SBCs dies down. You can use Futbin’s SBC Page to identify when a league SBC becomes good value. You need to identify 3 or 4 League SBCs to grind. You can then store all the players you get from these leagues.

Make sure you’re are not spending more FUT coins than you need to in order to complete the SBCs. EA have changed how League SBCs work in FUT 22. However you can still make a ton of coins by grinding League SBCs.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


League SBCs provide a repeatable and profitable way to feed your pack addiction. Picking the right League SBCs to grind is key to ensuring that this method works correctly.

1. Determine if a league SBC is good value.

As we said above you can do this using Futbin’s SBC page. This is just a guide price. You should consider how many players from the league you already have in your FUT club. We recommend identifying 3 or 4 league SBCs you want to grind before you start. That way you know which players you should be selling and which you should be storing.

2. Make a note of your coin balance before starting.

It’s always smart to make a note of your coin balance each time you start grinding a league SBC. It means you can track how profitable each session of grinding was.

3. Store any players you need for the League SBCs you’re grinding.


This will make the SBCs you’re grinding cheaper each time you complete them.

4. Sell everything else you pack.

To make a profit you really need to squeeze out every FUT coin. Sell managers, consumables and anything else you can. Even if you list items for under market value, you’re still increasing your overall coin balance.​

5. Complete another League SBC.

The key to making FIFA coins with this method is to keep grinding. You might not make profit every time you complete a league SBC, but the players you receive should make the next round cheaper.


This FIFA trading method is very time intensive but can make you thousands of coins if you do it smartly.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- League SBCs with poor pack rewards.

Avoid the league SBCs that give out poor rewards. You want to maximise your chances of packing valuable items.

- Giving up after one round of grinding.

Repetition is the key with this method. Every time you complete an SBC you have a higher chance of making a profit. If you don’t have the budget or time to really grind this method then stay away.

- Completing the SBC during market inflation.

Make sure you’re not buying cards that are inflated. Check the other SBCs and weekly objectives before you start to complete a League, because something else may be pushing up the prices of the players you need.

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