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There's many different approaches to trading in FIFA Ultimate Team. However, we believe there’s some key basic points that can make anybody a consistent and smart FUT trader. Through our own FUT experience and by following some key FIFA community members, we have identified these key points to follow when trading. 
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Stay diverse in everything you do. Over investing in one card is a mistake that a lot of newer traders make. Make sure you don’t fill your transfer list up with 100 of the same card, no matter how sure you are in that investment. EA don’t want you to make coins, they want you to buy FIFA points. They are always going to try and throw a wildcard in SBCs to make sure investors don’t make coins. Investing in a diverse range of cards is the best way to combat this.

You also need to stay diverse with the methods you use to make coins. Just because a method works one day doesn’t mean it will the next. Mastering a few different methods means you will not be caught out by any sudden market changes.



The ability to identify coin making opportunities is what separates the great traders from everyone else. This ability will come with experience and is something that newer FUT players will find difficult. Understanding the key factors that make the market go up and down can really help you spot when there is a chance to make coins. SBCs, Objectives and Promos are all things that can cause the value of certain cards to spike. We also recommend keeping an eye on the market when it dips, meaning there will be many cards that you can pick up for good value prices.



Holding investments for too long is bad for two reasons. The first is that you never know what EA will drop and the effect it will have on your investments. The second is that you could potentially be missing out on making more coins by selling investments and using the coins on other trading methods. The simple principle is, set a price you want to sell for when you buy cards and sell them when they reach that value.

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Being efficient with your time, effort and coins is massive. You must understand what’s realistic with the amount of time and FIFA coins you can invest in FUT trading. Don’t ever over invest in one type of item. Make sure you have some liquid FIFA coins to use with other FUT trading methods. Knowing how to use your transfer list is also crucial in FUT trading. You must remember you only have 100 spaces and they can fill up very quick.


Real world football can have a massive effect on the FIFA Ultimate Team market. A lot of live content like SBC sets and promo squads are often based on real world football. Which players are going to be included in a new FUT promo squad? Which players will be required in the next popular SBC set?Having a base knowledge of what’s happening in real world football can help you answer these questions. Meaning generating FIFA coins is a lot easier.


Make sure you are using the web app, the companion app and all the FUT websites to help maximise your FIFA Ultimate Team trading ability. Why not use the FUT companion app to open a few bronze packs when you’re on the move or do some trading on the FIFA web app while bored at work? Many of our FUT trading methods don’t require that you be sat at home on your console.


Being adaptable when trading in FUT is essential to building your coin balance. Make sure you don’t get stuck in a pattern when FIFA trading. Just because a trading method is working now doesn’t mean it will work throughout the FIFA game cycle. We recommend trying different trading methods, taking a few calculated risks and learning as you gain more Ultimate Team trading experience.

Popular FUT Trading Methods

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