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Can SBCs make me coins in FIFA Ultimate Team? Which FUT Squad Building Challenges should I complete make the most coins?


Completing cheap SBCs for high value packs is a way to make FIFA coins and feed your pack addiction.


You can get a ton of great FUT packs for a lot less coins than you’d pay in the store. Advanced SBCs are a great source of high value FUT packs. Once the initial hype dies, they become very cheap.

The same goes for league SBCs. These are always very expensive when they drop, but get cheaper as time passes. Futbin’s SBC Section is a great tool to find these potentially coin balance boosting SBCs.

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Soccer Stadium

Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


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This PSG SBC cost 11000 coins for a Mega Pack. The contents of the pack sold for a total of 16400 coins. A solid profit even without a major pack pull.


1. Use Futbin as a guide to find low price SBCs.

Futbin’s SBC section is the easiest way to find cheap SBCs that give high value pack rewards. You should only use this as a guide. The prices you see are never 100% accurate.


They'll vary based on what you already have in your club. Make sure the value of the pack you’re getting exceeds the coins you're risking to complete the SBC.


2. Complete the SBCs as cheaply as possible.

Use the cheapest players possible. Experiment with players out of position and find the combination that means you get the SBC done for as cheap as possible.


3. Sell what you pack for a profit.

The better the packs you get, the more coins you’ll make. You can re-invest by completing more SBCs to give yourself a higher chance of packing a high value player.

FUT Trading Mistakes To Avoid.

- Expensive SBCs.

Always make sure the value of the pack you’re getting is worth the coins you risk completing the SBC. The better the pack, the higher the chance of packing something good.

- Completing SBCs during hype.

SBCs create hype, everyone wants to complete them ASAP! Give it a few weeks or even months and complete the SBCs when everyone else has moved on.

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