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Can Marquee Matchups Investments Make Me FUT Coins? How Should I Invest for Marquee Matchups SBCs In FIFA?


Investing with Marquee Matchups in mind is a great way to make FUT coins every week. The weekly SBC set creates demand for players that are normally worthless.


EA has tried to make it harder for investors to guess the requirements. Meaning we recommend only picking up discard value players as they are a smaller risk FIFA investment.

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Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Determine teams that are likely to be included in MM.

Many twitter traders and websites accurately predict the games in MM each week. Keep an eye on the fixture list yourself and scour the small leagues for their bigger games.

2. Buy players no more than 500 coins above their discard value.

We recommend picking up bronze/silver players from smaller teams that are likely to be in MM. This is because they are likely to be close to discard and have a high potential to rise and make you FIFA coins.

3. Sell the players if they go up in value.

Cash in if you’re making a profit on the players you picked up.

4. If the players you picked up don’t go up in value you have two options. Store them or discard them.

If you need the FIFA coins then just discard the players and get most of them back. If you don’t need the FUT coins, hold the players in case they rise in value in the future.

FUT Trading Mistakes to Avoid.


- Big teams.

When EA include bigger clubs in MM they tend to make the requirements so broad that the demand caused by the SBC doesn’t match the supply of those players on the market. Meaning they don't rise.

- Players that already have a high value.

Players that are already inflated tend not to rise much. Their price is already too high.

- Late investing.

Most players are already too inflated a couple of hours before MM drop. If you miss the window and player prices are already too high, move on and remember to get in early for next week.

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