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Make the FUT TOTW relevant again in FIFA 22. Give us Flashbacks, chemistry changes and more.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The ‘Team of the Week’ has been a staple of FIFA Ultimate Team for years. It was the first kind of ‘Live’ content we ever got, but to say it’s become stale is an understatement.

Make the TOTW relevant again. Ideas to freshen up the FIFA Team of the Week.

Every week the TOTW seems to get less and less relevant. It’s been a while since we got one with more than 4 desirable players.

It’s time to freshen it up. There’s plenty of things EA Sports (and their billions of dollars) could do to make the TOTW more relevant. These are a few ideas that we’ve come up with.

Bigger Upgrades.

Simple and effective. Bigger upgrades mean more demand. More demand means more relevance. Imagine if we got usable players from smaller leagues from TOTW 1. It would help to break up the same old META squads.

We’re not calling for every player who gets in to be 99 rated, but what’s the in-game use of 75-80 rated Gold In-Forms? They’re only in FUT as SBC fodder. Surely EA can find a more creative way to price SBCs and give us usable TOTW players instead.

More usable TOTW players will also address the long-standing issue of useless FUT champs red picks. If every player you got was at the very least usable, the sentiment around Champs Rewards would dramatically improve.

Change how Chemistry works for TOTW players.

Chemistry is the enemy of all FUT squad builders. It’s such a major element of FUT. The fact EA haven’t at least experimented with changing how it works for years is wild.

There’s a couple of things that could be done with TOTWs and Chem to make them more relevant. They could all soft link to each other or if that’s too much just the players from the same week.

FUT TOTW Chemistry concept. All FIFA TOTW players could give strong links and be on full chemistry.

Even if they just provided strong links to league and country instead of weak links, that would make them a major asset when building your FUT squad.

Release a weekly non-repeatable Untradeable TOTW SBC.

This one would get the FUT community more excited about the TOTW every week. Imagine the scene’s on FUT twitter.

It would also have some positive market effects. It would keep fodder at a solid price, but if it’s non-repeatable it wouldn’t affect the market value of the TOTW’s too badly.

The TOTW should be a fun event every week. Even if you rarely pack a decent player, the chance of doing so would be enough to get the community buzzing every Wednesday.

Give us long term TOTW Objectives.

Grindable, hard to achieve, rewarding Objectives is something that could really take the FUT experience to the next level. The “Objectives” we get right now are a joke. Formulaic is an understatement.

Give us, ‘Score 1000 goals with TOTW Players’ for a special TOTW pack, or even better a crazy reward player. Give us, ‘Score 250 goals with 1 TOTW player’ to unlock a special upgrade for that player. Give us it all!

EA Sports have a massive content team. We’re sure they could come up with creative TOTW objectives to keep us engaged. The key is making them multi layered, varied, and rewarding.

Add Flashback TOTW Players.

We’ll finish with a more left field idea. Drop Flashback players into each TOTW. Take the popular Flashback card type and use it to breathe some life into the Team of the week.

A concept image for Flashback players in the FUT TOTW Squad.

It would be a fun way to spice up TOTWs that don't contain a ton of top tier players. Imagine if we got a Flashback Bale in TOTW 15 to celebrate his FIFA 16 TOTW from the same week.

The Flashback player could be from a previous FUT TOTW from the same game week or maybe a player that's going to feature in a big game that week.

It's also a cool way to honour some fan favourite FUT cards from previous years. The community would love to try and predict which player would be dropping each week.

These are just a few of our ideas to rejuvenate the TOTW concept. If you've got any of your own idea's drop them in the comments or let us know on TWITTER.


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