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FIFA Packs

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How can I buy FUT packs?

You can purchase packs from the ‘Store’ section in game, on the web app or companion app. You can use coins or FIFA points.

Each pack varies in the amount and type of players and items it contains. Reading the description of each pack before you buy it is very important.

What are the different types of packs?

Packs are split into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Promo categories. There are various pack types in each category. In general the more Rare Players included in a pack, the more expensive it will be.

What are Promo Packs?

Promo packs are not available at all times, they’re normally released to accompany FUT promos. They can be limited to a certain amount for each person or the whole community.

New promo packs usually drop in the store at 18:00 GMT, but they can restock more often during big promos like TOTY or TOTS.

FUT Packs found in the 'Promo' section of the store and an open 'Preview Pack'.

Which packs are the best value?

To be honest if you’re using FIFA Points, none! We never recommend spending your hard-earned money on packs. There are so many ways to trade in FUT and get the coins you need.

There are rare occasions when EA will drop packs that are actually good value for coins. These are normally special bronze or silver packs that could contain high value players needed in SBCs.

If you really want to buy packs, go for the ones that contain the most rare players. Jumbo Player Packs and Ultimate Packs cost a lot, but they offer you the best chance at packing high value players.

When is the best time to buy packs?

If you’re going to use FIFA Points, then as early in the FIFA game cycle as possible. The hype of a new game means everything is inflated in value. Opening packs early in the game will give you a major boost to start building your coin balance.

As we said above, we are against the use of FIFA Points. Pack NEVER represent good value, but if you want to open packs doing so during a new promo is best. If you’re extremely lucky and get one of the new promo players that will have a high value.

What are my odds of packing something good?

Not high. You can see the exact odds of what’s inside each pack by selecting the ‘Pack Probabilities' option in the store.

In general the more expensive the pack, the higher chance you have of getting a highly rated Player. However, there’s no guarantee when it comes to opening packs.

What are preview packs?

To try and address the growing calls that packs are just gambling marketed towards kids, EA have released ‘Preview Packs’. This allows you to view what’s inside a pack before you buy it

This option is not available for every type of pack in the FUT store.

Can I get packs without spending FIFA Points or coins?

There are a couple of ways to feed your FUT pack addiction without spending cash or coins!

One is 'League SBC Grinding', the other is 'Draft Grinding'. Both trading methods can fulfil your pack habit and boost your coin balance at the same time.

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Popular FUT Trading Methods

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