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What is UCL Player Investing in FIFA Ultimate Team? Can I Make FUT Coins by Buying UEFA Champions League Players? Which UCL Players Should I Pick Up?

Since UCL cards became a part of the yearly FIFA content, traders have found creative ways to use them to make coins. Their rarity means that they can always be used to boost your FUT coin balance.

It used to be as simple as buying the week before UCL Marquee Matchups and then selling when they dropped. Nowadays EA seem intent on making it as hard as possible to make FIFA coins through investing. While this is true with UCL players you can still use them to make coins if you use the right investment strategy.

You need to invest early and pick the right players. Then sell those players on before UCL content drops. This is an example of selling into the hype.

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Soccer Stadium

Step-by-Step FIFA Trading Method Guide.


1. Monitor the demand for UCL Players.

Investing is all about timing. You want to pick up UCL players whenever everyone else isn’t even thinking about them.

2. Pickup the best available UCL players for as close to discard price as possible.

Due to EA’s apparent hatred of investors, we only recommend picking up UCL players for discard or just over. Focus on players from the big 5 leagues and try to pick up the highest rated players you can for as close to discard as possible.

3. Sell them on as the hype starts to build around the live content for each UCL match day.

Check the market on the Tuesday morning of a UCL match-week and you should see that the value of UCL players is rising. This happens because people are buying in anticipation of UCL live content dropping that evening. Sell your players if you're making a profit! Don’t hold them, it’s just not worth the risk.

4. If you choose to hold and your UCL players aren’t required, do not panic sell!

If you ignore that advice and your UCL players aren’t required just hold them until the next set of UCL fixtures. The hype will build again and you’ll be able to sell them for a profit!

FIFA Trading Mistakes to Avoid.

- Over Investing.

Don’t spend all your coins on one type of investment. One of the keys to be a good FIFA Ultimate Team trader is staying diversified.

- Late Investing.

UCL player investing is a very popular strategy to make FUT coins. If you forget to buy when the hype is low, don’t jump in on the investment too late. Just remember to invest next time the value of UCL players crashes.

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