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TOTW 1 and the FUT 21 Web App are here!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The FUT 21 season has officially kicked off with the release of the Web App and the announcement of the first TOTW of FIFA 21!

TOTW 1 is here and it's got some heavy hitters! Bruno, Vardy and do we even need to say anything about Ben Yedder? A lot of the these META TOTW's are going to be great investments!

Trading on the FUT 21 web app is perfect way to kickstart your FIFA campaign. Most of our COIN BALANCE BOOSTER trading methods can be used on the web app and are a perfect way to start building your FUT fortune.

Get those starter packs open and use the items to get some initial coins to start trading. The time you invest into trading during EARLY ACCESS will be rewarded once the full release comes around!

We hope that you enjoy FIFA 21, however much of a hardcore or casual FUT player you are!

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