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'Road to the Final' Promo is Back For FUT 21! Salah, Griezmann, Rashford and more...

The 'Road to the Final' promo is back for FIFA 21! Rashford, Salah and Griezmann are likely to be the most popular players from the new squad. These new 'RTTF' live items will provide more opportunities to make FIFA coins.

'Road to the Final' players get upgraded as their teams progress in the Champions League or Europa League. These live items are unique, as their upgrades are earned through team achievements and not individual performances.

You can see the full upgrade schedule of 'Road to the Final' players below. The only downside of these live items is that they can take a long time to get upgraded.

'Road to the Final' Team 1 has just dropped. There are some big names like Salah and Rashford, but also some lower rated gems. You can see the full team just below.

Players like Salah and Griezmann are going to be very expensive. Playing for big clubs like Liverpool and Barcelona, means they're guaranteed at least a few upgrades.

Alphonso Davies Is another player that fits that criteria. His gold version is one of the most popular LBs in FIFA 21. So when you consider this version is guaranteed to get a couple of upgrades, he's going to be very expensive.

Zakaria is a quality CDM, but there's no guarantee his club will make it very far in the Champions League. They could drop into the Europa League and then he could get quite a few upgrades.

That's one of the things you could should consider if you pick up any of the 'Road to the Final' players from Team 1. If their team drops from the Champions League into the Europa League they will still earn upgrades as their team progresses through that competition.

We got a solid SBC RTTF player in Mason Mount. He's a decent CAM already and Chelsea are likely to go far enough for him to be upgraded again. We also got RTTF Kounde as an objective. He's definitely a player that's worth the grind to complete.

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