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UCL 'Team of the Group Stage' comes to FUT 21! Messi, De Bruyne, Rashford and more...

The 'TOTGS' promo is back for FIFA 21! We've got a Seriously META Bunch of new special players to look over. Messi, KDB, Rashford, this squad is packed with great players!

This 'TOTGS' is very good. This is probably the most META promo team of FIFA 21 so far. From truly elite stars to lower rated gems, this squad has it all covered.

The obvious stand out is that CF Messi. His position change means he can be linked into hybrid squads more easily. Expect to see him in a lot of pro player squads.

Slightly below him, but not far off his level you've got players like De Bruyne, Fernandes and Haaland. That's just to name a few. Almost every player in this squad will be useable.

That ST Rashford is going to be seriously expensive. His LW Version is already a fan favourite. The position change will boost that popularity even further.

We could go over every player in this squad as almost all of them are good. Even the UEL players are going to be decent in-game. Hernandez and Pepe have all the stats you want for players in their positions.

EA are kicking off 'Team of the Group Stage' in style. To go with that META promo squad we also got a couple of exciting SBC and Objective players.

Lucas Moura Is everything you want in an SBC player. He's META, but not extremely high rated. Meaning he'll provide a big opportunity for traders to make coins.

EA didn't disappoint with their choice of objective player either. Coman looks like a seriously good attacker. Expect the grind to unlock him to be sweaty. Everyone will want that card!

It's been a big day for FUT 21 content! We got a LA Liga POTM Joao Felix and the nominees for Premier League POTM as well as the new 'TOTGS'.

The nominees for the PL are a solid bunch. With Bruno Fernandes the obvious standout candidate.

That upgraded Felix SBC looks tasty. His other versions are already some of the most META cards in FUT21.

Head over to our INSTA to see our full thoughts on both the Felix SBC and the potential winner of the PL POTM!

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