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FIFA 21 TOTW 16 is headlined by Griezmann and Depay! Reus and Hakimi also make the cut!

FIFA 21's ‘Team of the Week 16’ has just dropped! Griezmann, Hakimi and Depay are the headline players!

'TOTW 16' isn't the best. There's a few decent players, but we think anyone who played FUT Champs will be disappointed with their potential rewards.

Depay and Griezmann will be decent, but the stat upgrades from their Gold versions are not massive.

One cool thing about 'TOTW 16' is the inclusion of fan favourite Ryan Kent. This version is still way off his insane 'RTTF' from last year. If he earn's a few more special upgrades we could see the return of everyones favourite super sub!

There's some potential DISCARD VALUE INVESTMENTS in ‘Team of the Week 16'. Arbilla, Arnold and Joao Pedro will be good SBC fodder. If we get any decent player SBCs during 'TOTY' their value could rise!

META or Discard Value players from previous TOTW's could also make you some coins!

The gold versions of the META players that made the new TOTW can also be good investments. Their value increases while they're OUT OF PACKS.

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