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FUT 21 TOTW 10 has just dropped! Griezmann, Iago Aspas, Raphinha and more...

FIFA 21's ‘Team of the Week 10’ is here already! This year is flying by. Griezmann, Iago Aspas and Martinez are the headline players.

'TOTW 10' is definitely the weakest 'Team of the Week' so far this year. Anyone that played FUT Champs will be majorly disappointed with their potential reward players.

Griezmann is the clear highlight player, but even he isn't truly elite. Martinez and Iago Aspas also look like solid strikers. All three of them can contribute goals, but don't totally fit the META of FIFA 21.

There's a couple of cool lower rated Premier League players in 'TOTW 10'. Raphinha Is a pacey winger that fits the META of FIFA 21. Mendy is Is a well rounded LB. Using a chemistry style to boost his pace would be advisable.

Other than that 'Team of the Week' 10 is pretty disappointing in terms of usable players. Most of these guys will likely end up as SBC fodder

'TOTW 10' features a lot of potentially profitable DISCARD VALUE INVESTMENTS. Romangnoli, Neuhaus and Costil have the ratings and links needed to be good SBC fodder. When EA drop the right player SBC their value will rise!

Picking up some of the META or Discard Value players from previous TOTW's could make you some coins. Their value rises as they get rarer on the FUT market.

The gold versions of the META players that made the new TOTW can also be good investments. They will go up in value the longer they're OUT OF PACKS.

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