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FIFA 21 Black Friday is here! Record Breakers, Best of TOTW, Flashback Aguero and more!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

FUT 21 Black Friday has officially kicked off! EA have dropped 5 'Record Breakers' into packs. We'll also be getting flash SBCs throughout the day!

These new 'Record Breakers' players are decent. The obvious standout is Mbappe, but Sancho will also be a desirable player.

EA have increased the stats of David Silva, Falcao and Oscar enough to make them usable, but they're not quite at the elite level.

We haven't yet seen the extreme market crash that's usually associated with 'Black Friday'. However, player prices might start to fall as more lightning rounds of promo packs drop.

If you want to know how to take advantage of when the FIFA market is trending down, you can read our full guide to FIFA MARKET CRASH TRADING HERE.

EA Will also be dropping 'Flash SBCs' throughout 'Black Friday'. You should make sure to complete these, as they're usually good value.

The release of 'Flash SBCs' presents a buying opportunity, as player supply increases dramatically. Buying players at the right time can make you some serious coins. Our guide to taking advantage of PACK SBC MARKET FLOODING IS HERE!

The 'Best of TOTW' remains in packs after EA added it yesterday as part of their 'Pre-Black Friday' Content drop.

With 'Record Breakers', 'TOTW 9' and 'Best of TOTW' all currently in packs, the supply of some META Gold players has disappeared. Picking them up could make you some coins. Our guide to OUT OF PACK PLAYER INVESTING IS HERE!

EA Also added three new Icon SBCs yesterday as part of 'Pre-Black Friday'. Bergkamp, Veron and Hernandez make up the second set to drop.

We'll be posting a full review Of these new Icon SBCs on our INSTAGRAM in the next few days!

At 18:00 we got even more great content. EA dropped a flashback Aguero SBC and a Record Breaker Rodrygo as an Objective!

The Aguero SBC Is actually decent value at a cost of around 450,000 coins. Although this version is actually an overall downgrade, they have upgraded the stats needed for him to be considered a more META player.

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