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FIFA 21 TOTW 6 is here! Benzema, Ziyech, Gnabry and more!

FUT 21's ‘Team of the Week 6’ is here! Benzema, Ziyech and Gnabry are the biggest names to make the squad!

We think it's fair to say that people who grinded FUT Champs this weekend, will be a little disappointed with 'TOTW 6'. None of these players are truly elite. Which means that red reward players from this week will more than likely end up as SBC FODDER.

Gnabry is one of the few players who will make it into some FUT squads. Benzema is also good enough for some people to use in the weekend league, but his lack of pace will be a major weakness.

There's a few lower rated players who aren't META, but will still be fun to use. Wilson, Cunha and Joao Felix could all do a job for you in Division Rivals. Smalling could be used as lynchpin in a Premier League/Serie A hybrid.

'TOTW 6' features some great DISCARD VALUE INVESTMENT candidates. Gabriel, Da Silva and Cristian Tello have the ratings and links needed to be considered good SBC fodder. When we get a decent player SBC, their prices will rise!

Picking up META or Discard Value players from previous TOTW's could make you some coins. The gold versions of the META players that made the new TOTW can also be good investments. They will go up in value the longer they're OUT OF PACKS.

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