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See the full FIFA 21 OTW Team 1! Werner, Bale, Telles and even more...

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The first set of 'Ones To Watch' players has come to FUT 21! Bale, Suarez and Werner are the biggest names in this 1st set of OTW's!

'Ones To Watch' has been a fan favourite promo since it's introduction. People love that players real life performances effect the rating and value of the players they're using in game.

The Premier League has had a massive transfer window with Chelsea, Arsenal, City and more adding some quality players! OTW Werner, Telles and Partey are likely to be popular.

That OTW Bale also looks great, but his injury record is probably going to hamper any regular upgrades. Hopefully when he comes back for Spurs he can reproduce the form he showed in his first stint in the premier league. It's only going to take a couple of upgrades to make him a super META player!

A sleeper player from this set of OTW's is Osimhen. We have used his gold item in our starter squad and he is a goal machine. If he can get a couple of upgrades he could be an elite FUT 21 striker!

If you think a big player that moved teams this summer is missing, just remember a second set of OTW's is coming on 16th October.

You can use 'Ones To Watch' players to make coins every week. Find our guide to OTW PLAYER TRADING HERE! This early in the game it's also a good idea to pick up the gold version of the META players that are included. They will make good OUT OF PACK INVESTMENTS.

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