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Icon Swaps are here! The first set of FIFA 21 includes Henry, Rijkaard, Koeman and more...

We just got our first set of 'Icon Swaps' for FUT 21! Henry, Koeman and Rijkaard are the top Icons available. There's also a couple of new pack rewards that look great.

When deciding which Icons to get, you should consider two things. Longevity and usability. 'Icon Swaps' Is a hell of a grind, so you want it to be worth it. You should exchange your tokens for the best possible value.

In terms of the guaranteed Icons you can get, the only two we'd consider are Henry and Rijkaard. They're the only two that are close to being considered META.

If you want to complete the other Icons, don't let us stop you. You're the one putting in the grind. You know what's best for your squad.

The pack selection includes some new packs we haven't seen before. We think we'll be using our tokens to unlock some of these instead of the Icons. Packs are always a risk, but none of the guaranteed Icons look elite to us.

A slight disappointment from the announcement is that EA have again split the tokens across two timescales. This means it's going to be a while until you can unlock the best Icons or packs!

To go along with 'Icon Swaps' set 1, EA Have also dropped Prime Icons into packs. Expect the lower rated versions of these Icons to drop in price.

These icons are now going to be the most META players in the FUT 21. Expect to see them in a lot of Weekend League squads in the near future.

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