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FUT 'FREEZE' comes to FIFA 21! New winter promo replaces FUTMAS! Position changed Mane and more...

We just got brand new FUT 21 promo! 'FUT Freeze' is replacing the much loved FUTMAS promo. EA dropped a promo team filled with META position changed players.

That ST Mane looks insane. He's going to cause serious damage in the Weekend League! His stats are perfectly suited to the META of FIFA 21.

Another big name 'FUT Freeze' player from the Premier league is Bernardo Silva. The position change to a CAM is perfect, his lace of pace is a liability with the LW base version!

There's also a few lower rated gems in the 'FUT Freeze' squad. Torreira, Sane and Golovin all benefit from position changes that make them more META. Expect to see a lot of these players in the Weekend League.

EA didn't disappoint when it came to SBCs and objectives either. During 'FUT Freeze' we're going to get a new Player SBC everyday!

Not quite as fun as the 3 we got during FUTMAS in previous years, but hopefully this will be a case of quality over quantity

The first player SBC is a CDM Marquinhos. This version is very usable and his stats are well suited to the his position. Hopefully EA will give us usable players like this from different leagues throughout 'FUT Freeze.'

We also got a decent objectives player in CAM Bolasie! We think he's worth the grind. He's a very usable player. If you're not running a Premier league squad, he'll be a great super sub.

EA also dropped some great Icon Content! FIND A FULL REVIEW OF THAT HERE!

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