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What is Chemistry?

Chemistry (often shortened to just ‘Chem’) has been a mechanic of FUT since it first began. It’s based on the real-world idea that chemistry between teammates is key to the success of a football team.

Players from the same nation will be more suited to play together as they’re able to effectively communicate and players playing the same league share knowledge of formations and tactics. Hence their chemistry on the field will be higher

It’s also a way for EA to stop anyone from using a true ‘God Squad.’ If you could play Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar in your squad without a stat penalty, everyone’s teams would end up looking very similar.

How does Chemistry affect my players in FUT?

Chemistry can boost or reduce the Stats of each player in your squad. This will be determined by both the players ‘Individual Chemistry’ and the overall ‘Team Chemistry.’

In general, you should aim to achieve at least 7 for each player’s ‘Individual Chemistry’ and a ‘Team Chemistry’ of at least 95. This means that you aren’t receiving the full chemistry stat boost, but your players should still feel sharp in game.

You should experiment with the chem of your FUT squad, as you may be good enough to use players on a lower chemistry rating. You need to balance between using your favourite players and getting a high enough chem rating that they don’t feel sluggish in game.

You can use a ‘Chemistry Style’ to channel the boost into specific stats for each player.

Examples of Soft, Hard and Perfect Links! Plus a 2 league Hybrid Squad.

Which players link to each Other?

Players will soft link when they share a nation or league. If players share both they will hard link. Using hard links means each player needs fewer links to achieve a full chem boost.

Icons soft link to all players, which means they’re very helpful when building your FUT squad.

What’s a ‘Perfect Link’?

Players will perfect link when they share both a nation and club. This means that if they’re being played in the right positions, they won’t need any other links to achieve a full ‘Individual Chemistry’ rating.

How does Position affect chemistry?

Position is the other factor that affects a player’s chemistry. Just like IRL if a player’s playing outside of their preferred position, they aren’t likely to perform to their best ability.

To get full chem a player needs to be playing in their correct position. However, some position changes will give lower chem penalties than others.

What is ‘Loyalty’ and how does it affect Chemistry?

Loyalty is a bonus chem point added to first owner players or players that have played at least 10 games for your squad. This means that their ‘Individual Chemistry’ is automatically boosted by 1 regardless of other chemistry factors.

This is seen by some as EA promoting the sales of packs, which we tend to agree with. However, you can still achieve the bonus through gameplay.

How do Managers affect the Chemistry of my FUT squad?

Much like in real life, using the right manager can boost the performance of your FUT squad. Managers will provide a +1 chem boost to any players they share a League or Nation with.

You can use a ‘Manager League’ consumable to change the league of a manager, this means you can get a combination of any manager nation and league you need.

What’s a ‘Hybrid Squad’?

A hybrid squad is what people call a team that consists of players from 2 or more different leagues. They’re usually linked together through a nation or clever use of strong and perfect links.

Soccer Stadium

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